Let's be ready, Together

An regenerative approach to preparedness and resilience

The Ready Together Approach

This work of Preparing Better?

It starts in our backyards

We’re initiating Ready Together here in the hills and valleys of Northern California.

We know disasters are coming. We know they are here. We know they will come again.

We get Ready together

Studying, talking, taking action now
We deal with disasters by looking at them directly, sitting together talking about what we’re facing and what we’re going to do. It’s not all doom and gloom. Remember that guy three houses down who looks interesting? You’ve never spoken to him before. It’s time to do that now.

There’s tons of information out there for how to prepare for disasters that might come. There are thousands of courses and training. Research tells us that less than 20% of people feel prepared. Why?

Preparing for anything – including disasters is something we do better together. Ready Together brings clusters of near neighbors – usually around 5-8 households – to take this on, doing the things that make us prepared, together, over seven or so weeks.

You actually do the work of preparation in those seven weeks and you support each other in being accountable.

It is fun, productive and it gets done.

The Ready Together Handbook

The handbook is organized around seven sessions. Near neighbors will meetup and spend several hours getting to know each other, having some good food, AND, getting ready for what we don’t expect.



Food and water: Life’s essentials


And Then, a Little Bit More


Steps to Plan


An ounce of Prevention


When you've got to go, quickly...


Practice makes Perfect

Community Coordinator and Outreach Guides as well as Guides for those who facilitate these clusters of neighborhoods will provide clear support and direction.

The Ready Together Story

Most so know that we can get swept up by the unexpected – a wildfire, a hurricane, random violence, a volatile change in a government policy. We can be prepared for whatever might happen. We do it most successfully with the people around us. We get ready, together.

Ready Together is a self-guided emergency preparedness handbook that helps neighbors work together to prepare for the impacts of disasters of any kind. Facilitation and outreach guides support people in organizing sessions. More resources and chances for connection will be available on this website.

We’re going to get prepared, here, with Ready Together. We’re going to get connected again. Even if 82 year old Mildred down on the corner in a walker can’t come to our sessions, we’re going to remember she’s there and reach out when we know she’ll need help.

Transition US started Ready Together. We’ve spent years working with communities across the US to help them transition towards more satisfying ways of living in their homes and in their communities. Transition US turned to two partners, NewStories which has broad experience working in disaster areas in the US as well as globally, and the City of Renton’s Office of Emergency Management which works locally and is connected regionally in the disaster field. To help us create this approach where neighbors turn to one another and just get ready. Whatever comes, our next steps are clearer when taken together.


Start Ready Together In Your Neighborhood

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